The project "Keplarium" & it's "Urban Kepler-Planets Ropeway"

On 17th of November 2016 the local association Keplerforum-Linz  presented during a 2nd big media conference (the 1st report you can read HERE) the project "Keplarium" with focus on it's "Urban Kepler-Planets Ropeway"  Erich Gattringer the chairman and developer of this project presented again the whole project. The goal of this project is to appreciate the big achivements of Johannes Kepler. This outstanding character was a famous historic citicen of Linz from 1612 to 1626. In 1618 he dedected his famous 3rd Kepler Law (published in "Harmonices Mundi" 1619) so we soon have to celebrate the 400-year anniversary of this important discovery.

Above the invitation letter with supporters of this project & program of this event - of course German written

The  2nd media conference took place at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz

Erich Gattringer presented the project. Local TV-stations and local print medias reported this event.

This time the topic was the planned "Urban Kepler-Planets Ropeway" and it's integration to the local public transport network. This includes an interesting car parking concept with 2 big parking ramps in a special design and a bridge gate connecting to the local busses and the local tramway.

Dionys Lehner an important industrialist, mentor and supporter of this project tried to explain how to finance this project.

This is a design-draft for the bridge gate made of steel and glas.

Gattringer showing the parking ramp-tower concept

The place inside the motorway exit ramps should be used for 2 parking-ramp- towers,

For example: A "Kepler-Tower" (left) & a "Bruckner-Tower" (right)

Johannes Fiedler from Fa. Doppelmayr, a world leading ropeway manufacturer, showed some urban-ropeways already built by Fa. Doppelmayr

Musical closing event

After all this: "Everything is Kepler" ......

...... Kepler-meatloaf with 8 planetary herbes

..... and different "Kepler sweeties" :-)

The Kepler-chocolate-balls are already reality..............

.... but these balls have still to be built ;-)


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